Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Black with Envy

Do you know how when something catches your eye, you start to see it everywhere?  First I found that J. Crew was way cuter than I had recalled, then I actually started shopping there with some regularity, then I kept seeing items in magazines and then I saw that Michelle Obama loved it with some fervor.  So I suppose it logically follows that the woman behind it all would be the next "thing" to catch my eye.  Supported by the legendary retailer Mickey Drexler, the incredibly J. Crew looking Jenna Lyons, as Executive Creative Director, is seemingly the woman behind the relatively recent cuteness, and she's out and about these days touting the line.

photo via

First I began getting "Jenna's Picks" emails every so often, telling me which 10 J. Crew things I simply could not live without.  I managed to live without most of them, but would have enjoyed purchasing the vast majority of them had I the luxury of unlimited buying power.

Then I began seeing her in various press blurbs.  Her easy smile and flowing hair were not easily forgotten.  And then she showed up on Oprah in the absolute coolest sequin jacket and my cyberstalking began in earnest.

Although from what I can tell she seems like a poised, talented and kind woman, I have to admit that it really was her house that had me transfixed.  And I am clearly not the only one (although this obsolete magazine title alone should tell you exactly how behind the 8 ball I am).

There are many would be designers to seem to like to do these pops of color, but so rarely does it look quite as chic as this yellow couch I think.

photo from Domino

So often the style just ends up looking like a Jonathan Adler store but Ms. Lyons has really made it feel quite natural and inviting.

And who knew that such a perfect color of black (blue? grey?) existed?

photo from Domino

In combination with the natural light and the light linens it seems incredibly inviting rather than gothic (as it so easily could have been) to me.

And I have to admit that I thought Cortney Novogratz of Bravo fame had perhaps gone off the deep end a bit when she recommended to a hotelier that he put his bathtubs in full view of the bedroom but clearly she's onto something.

photo from Domino

But just as any incredibly stylish woman knows, enough is enough.  No need for dark throughout the home.  Breakfast nooks should be lofty and light, perfect for your first peek of a new day and a steaming cup of something.

photo from Domino

I could quite enjoy my PG Tips here I think.


Fabulously french said...

Those chairs in the last photo are gorgeous.

Leeann x

French Fancy said...

I'm not one for dark colours anywhere. I know they are atmospheric and dramatic but give me light airy spaces with ash or oak and I'll be happy

mise said...

I'd never heard of her in my faraway land but she and her house are beautiful. Do feel free to obsess a bit more about her on the blog and we'll read very attentively.

Jane said...

Yes I think she is a pretty stylish woman. I am afraid I cannot abide that Ms Novagratz, she of the endless children. And I know why, I think I am jealous of all she achieves.

As for J Crew, well we had to wait years to get Anthropologie to ship here I guess it will be the same for J Crew - I mean they do ship here but its v expensive. Why can't they all be like Revolve?

Laura in Paris said...

Great style, but I am not surer I'd like to live there...

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Great post Laura. Yes that darn Jeanna L. has it all wrapped up - exterior and interior. She has brought J Crew to the fore-front; giving some sass & edge to a once slagging preppy only JC. She not only looks tremendous but she lives it too. Hope your week off to a great start?! ~ Deb

Michelle@TastyThailand said...

I haven't heard anything about her, but she's really beautiful.

Agree with you too, the apartment is gorgeous :)

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